A Shoulder to Cry On

When someone asks me,
‘How are you?’
I promptly say,
‘Fine, it’s all okay’.
But is it really so?
or just formal pleasantries,
in the form of lies,
that I know internally
but he or she wants to listen
just to complete a formality…

Everybody can’t understand
the pain I undergo
or the wounds inflicted on me,
who’s there in this world
who has no pain or wounds?
but I keep smiling,
not to make a joke of myself…

But deep inside I want to offload
some of my heavy burdens
by sharing the same with someone
who can understand me
and comfort my sorrow,
who can lend ears,
who can listen to the words
in my silent eyes,
and also those
not yet spoken by my eyes,
who can embrace my pain
and hug my wounds…

I too need a friend to rely on
a shoulder to cry on…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest


  1. Dear Kaushal, you have your crystal ball in front of you again! It could be the reaction to being unwell with covid but I feel exactly how you described, despite normally living by the mantra of keeping my mouth zipped up and never sharing my private feelings. So far it worked well but …


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    1. I don’t know about crystal ball, Joanna, but I had started writing something else in the morning, then drifted elsewhere and ended up with this piece. Thank you for finding it relatable. It truly means a lot.


    1. I’m so elated that this poem resonates with you. I think emotional pain is more severe than physical one. Thank you, Nancy for sharing your thoughts!

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  2. Relatable yet understandable poem KK. We all want that deeply.
    Finding that one person that has the ability to listen intently, understand and share their honest truth is also so lovely without trying to fix or go into their saga is not always easy. 💕

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  3. Yes, we all need at least one shoulder like that, don’t we.

    I had a supervisor once who always greeted everybody with “how are you”, not “good morning” or “hello”. It annoyed us tremendously, because he didn’t give a hoot about anybody. So one of my colleagues answered him one morning: “I am actually really feeling sick.” His answer: “Good, good”. 😉 😀

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  4. I think when someone asks :” how are you?” they expect a short and carefree answer not the truth of how I may actually be feeling. I liked this poem as I believe it is a reflection of the culture we live in today.

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  5. There is a harsh reality – “How are you?” is, generally a formulaic greeting,not a question. The response (“Fine” is common, though these days I have adopted what I hope is the entertainingly neutral “Vertical and breathing, so the signs seem positive”) is equally meaningless.

    A shoulder is useful, but must be chosen with care.

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  6. I pray that you (and everyone) has at least 1 person that can hear the heartbreak underneath the ‘fine’. Someone with ears that listen and strong enough shoulders to help bear the burdens. I also pray I can be that person for someone in need as well. Very heartfelt and well written! 💕💕💕

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    1. Very well said, Dawn! I truly appreciate you and such a beautiful thought of yours. This should be two-way – sometimes we need others and sometimes others need us. I hope and pray that your prayer will be answered. Amen! 💖💕💕

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  7. I think everyone needs a shoulder to cry on, now and then. And yet, I think “oh, I’m fine” is a perfectly fine answer to the question, “how are you doing?” I used to think that it was dishonest to respond with, “oh, I’m fine” when I was decidedly not fine. Now, I think that telling someone that I’m fine (even when I’m not) is just a way to set personal boundaries. To maintain my own privacy. They know I’m not fine, I know I’m not fine. But once the line is stated, it just flows.
    Wow, I really made that answer all about myself! LoL.
    I enjoyed your poem, thanks for sharing.

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    1. This is truly a beautiful reflection. Your words are so clear and well meaning. People don’t like their privacy or personal boundaries violated. So be short and sweet. Thank you so much for taking your time and leaving such a beautiful comment.


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