परीक्षण / Test

रक्त का परीक्षण बताता है
हम अंदर से कितने
मजबूत हैं या कमज़ोर,
यही काम आंसू भी करता है,
स्वयं के लिए बहने वाले आंसू
कमजोरी का संकेत देते हैं,
जबकि ताकत के सूचक हैं
दूसरों के लिए बहने वाले आंसू… 


Blood test tells
how strong or weak
we are from inside,
that’s what tears also do,
tears flowing for self
indicate weakness,
while those flowing for others
show strength…

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pinterest



  1. I don’t know. I hear what you’re saying, but sometimes we need a good cry to get past our own self-pity. Compassion for others begins with compassion for self, or at least is in tandem with it. I love how you create food for thought and always allow thoughtful discussion – that is also a form of compassion. 🙏💝💐 Amazing image!

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    1. What a beautiful thought shared by you, Lia! I truly appreciate what you have stated about compassion that has so many facets. Thank you so much for this value addition 🙏💐💖

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  2. KK, I apologize, but I have to disagree with this one though it is beautifully written. Was I wrong to cry when I was 21 with breast cancer? Or when my Mother died when I was 36? Or my father at 38? When I was knocked off of a surgery table at 21 causing all kinds of damage to my back and losing forever MY DREAM which I had worked so hard for- to be a doctor? This sounds like, “Big (or Good) boys don’t cry to me. I’ve only given a few examples. There are more like when your dog dies.

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    1. No apology, Susan! We are bound to have different views and that’s the beauty of human mind. It all depends on how we look at. When my mom expired, I also cried, but for her, not for me, but she was my mom, so in a way, I cried for me as well. When it comes to emotions, it’s very difficult to have water tight compartments. But I’m really sorry for the series of mishaps that you have undergone. I can understand your predicament. I had also a childhood dream to be a doctor, but couldn’t materialise.

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      1. Thank you for understanding, friend. I am so sorry about your Mom’s death and your dreams of being a doctor dashed. I was first in my premed class when I developed Crohns. I was told that there was only one doctor in the city who had it, and his patients suffered, because he could not care for them well enough. My Mom was my biggest cheerleader, but she asked me of all the premed students at the university, how many would I refer a patient to? My answer was two. Two out of hundreds. So, I was called as a Stake Missionary and thoroughly enjoyed my time and made amazingly wonderful friends. I was blessed out of bereavement.

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