दोनों / Both

आज भी कुलांचे भरते रहते हैं
शरारती और चंचल विचार
मेरे मन में,
लगता है बचपना वापस आ गया है
या इश्क अधूरा रह गया है
या शायद दोनों…


Mischievous and fickle thoughts
keep swirling even today
in my mind,
it seems either my childhood is back
or my love is incomplete
or maybe both…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. I am smiling and saying out-loud “Both!” Ahh our thoughts can be like unruly ( as you say, mischievous children) It’s probably the only thing we can do when they are that way is ask, “hmm why?” As always more great food for thought you have served us Kaushal:)

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    1. There is always a child hidden inside. As we grow, we go on suppressing it. But I feel that when we are in the group of childhood friends, that child comes out automatically. Thank you, Karima for your thoughtful remarks. I’m glad it could put smile on your face.

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  2. The love I never had
    Is challenging me today
    Is calling me from far
    Is reminding every day
    You never had me then
    You can not have me now
    You have learned to miss me when
    You were nine and I was ten

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