I don’t know
why I feel always
there is someone
with no colour no sound
in and around me
like an invisible shadow,
who keeps looking at me
whispering to me
guiding my action…

I can’t see but I feel
there is something
that indicates the presence
of that someone,
throwing smiles at me
conveying approvals
or even admonitions
that I don’t like
most of the time,
but I have to amend,
that’s the influence
that someone has on me,
protecting me all the way
with all the elements of nature…

I wish to touch, kiss and hug
who helps shape the vision
of my thoughts and action
who fills my heart
with joy and exhilaration
and also with gratitude
but I can’t,
I don’t know
how to explain how I feel,
but the veracity
of that someone
has never been in question…

–Kaushal Kishore



      1. So sorry to know. But is it covid? Now-a-days in India, infected people get home quarantined for a week and then start living a normal life. Hope you will be back soon.


      2. I think it is a combination of stress, and it is covid as I tested but should be back
        soon. Thank you for your good wishes. Also, there was a mistake in dosage and I should have been given more! At least I am not in Ukraine…


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  1. “I don’t know
    how to explain how I feel,”

    KK is smart. He writes these line after writing 31 lines.

    I’m curious to know the anonymous person you’re talking about.

    Is it the nature?
    Is it a noble soul?
    Is it an assumption?
    Or anything else.

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    1. I’m glad you counted lines, Lokesh. You can assume someone as anything as you wish, your mother or even God, but my someone is my own consciousness, as Joanna has already mentioned in her response.

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      1. It’s a difficult question, but if you can differentiate between the two, it means you know what the two are. I think yoga, meditation, visualisation, music, art, positive affirmations etc can help balance the the two.

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