Because I Loved Her…

I used to sing a song for her
though I was not in the habit
of humming a song,
but just to listen back melody
in her ethereal voice,
because I loved her…

I used to punctuate my gossips
with nonsensical gesticulations
just to put smile on her thin lips
that made me smile back
bringing colours and happiness
to her face,
because I loved her…

Days, months and years passed by
both together and not together
driving lives in different lanes, 
but always sharing trivia
what was going on,
and one day
I attended her marriage
with a very promising
and handsome guy,
I was truly happy
for her and the guy too,
because I loved her…

She flaunts her new possessions,
not to make me envious,
but just to show her happiness
that makes me happy,
because I loved her…

Whenever she visits new places,
or when she graduates
from Audi to BMW or Ferrari,
she never forgets to send pictures
not to belittle me,
but just to share
her moments of happiness
that give me too
a few moments of happiness,
because I loved her…

There are two gardens,
but they speak to each other
adding years to love and happiness
in their own ways,
fragrance keeps coming from afar
giving me a feeling
sweeter than the love
that I always cherish and treasure,
and the flame
of the lamp of that love
shines a little more
in the twinkling moonlight,
because I loved her…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. This is so beautiful, the way each word eloquently flows into the next and then the next, like a song or like water. Such a heartbreaking love because it’s so pure. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Well-executed; a sweetly-perfumed garden of eden. So very beautiful and skillfully woven. Pure as a heron and a summer cloud.

    True love acknowledges that we are all doing our best, and all want and need the same essential things; not more, not less. Unconditional love, no judgement: an at-times challenging test to pass.

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    1. What a lovely comment from you, Lia! I’m overwhelmed. I fully endorse your view on true love and unconditional love. It believes in giving, not in grabbing. Such a nice thought! Thank you so much!


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