बाढ़ / Flood

न जाने कैसी है
यह बारिश बेमौसम,
जो बरसती है
इतने खुले दिल से
कि टूट जाता है
मेरे दिल का बांध,
और आ जाती है बाढ़
मेरी दोनों आंखों में …


Don’t know how
this unseasonal rain is,
that rains with
such an open heart,
that my heart’s dam
gets broken,
and my both eyes
get flooded…

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pinterest



  1. Oh I love how this poem opens itself to various situations… maybe climatic,the rains that fall upon us, but maybe the lightning bolt of emotional rain, from a heart truly open, can cause the floodgates of feeling to over-whelm our own eyes. This thought is deeper than it looks at first sight..Beautiful Kaushal!

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