Time Waits For None

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, the Indian billionaire, the Big Bull or Warren Buffett of India, died at 62 on 14th August this year.

He started investing in 1985 with a meagre sum of ₹ 5000, when he was hardly 25. He earned his first big profit
(₹ 5 lac) the very next year in 1986. Then he never looked back. He had chartered his career path. He entered the Boards of Directors of many companies, and in 2021, he co-founded Akasa Air, a low-cost airline in India.

He was indomitable, full of life, wits and insights. Spinning money became his habit and then an intoxication. Thereafter, intoxication for good life, food and drink followed, but health had taken a back seat. A combination of sedentary lifestyle plus lack of physical activity and mental stress proved to be a deadly combination for him.

In the process his blood sugar went haywire, he developed a bad diabetic foot and finally ESRD ( End-Stage Renal Disease), surviving on HD ( haemodialysis) till his ultimate demise.

He was unable to rise from his chair, when the Prime Minister Modi once met him, for which he was trolled badly, until the real reason was made known.

A few years ago his doctors had advised him to pay attention to his health and do some physical movement. But he himself had admitted in an interview that he was a lazy man, and somehow used to avoid it, but his love affair with drinks and cigarettes continued. He used to consume 6 pegs and smoke 25 cigarettes daily. So in a way he had written his own destiny.

He grossly ignored his heath while amassing immense wealth, more than ₹ 41000 crore that comes (approx. $ 5.8 billion), but this large booty couldn’t add any extra minute to his life. Unfortunately, not a penny he could carry with him during his final journey.

Ironically he had invested a large sum (3.1%) in Star Health and Allied Insurance Company from which people take insurance policies for their medical needs.

But he left behind a precious message for every single one of us that health is the ultimate wealth, which one can not buy, it has only to be earned and maintained, to enjoy the life with money earned.

Beyond a few millions, wealth is just a number, though most people are worried about running out of money and not about running out of time. But time waits for none, and certainly not for those who don’t know how to invest in it.

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Some rise and then fall, some remain steady and we call them fortunate. Many people do not realize how important daily activity is. One of my bosses calls my gym/running activity my hobby. I have no idea how to explain to them that it is not a hobby.

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    1. Well said, my friend, most of the people who are at the top think that success in career means success in life. Such people are badly mistaken. Thank you for sharing your own experience!

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    1. Thank you, Susan for referring to the song. He was of course, a talented person, but he should have paid a little attention to his health too. I’m glad you liked the article. Thanks!

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  2. It had gone through one of the channels. It was an amazing article of his biography and the valuable messages he shared out of his heart on the importance of health n wealth. I love reading that again but found here with most realistic example. Inspiring article Sir, thanx for sharin. “Time waits for none, and certainly not for those who don’t know how to invest in it”

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    1. You might also have read the article, “I have better things in life, than money, but not health.” It is a beautiful self introspection. But the fact remains that knowing everything so well, he neglected his health. Anyway, he has left a lesson to be learnt. Thank you, Suma for your beautiful reflections. I’m happy that you liked it.


  3. What a sad story, KK. I wonder, if he were a simple man who had not fallen upon such great luck and success in life, if he would have suffered the same fate. No one can answer for sure but an interesting point. Just as an aside, I see you mentioned Warren Buffett who at one time was my husband’s boss. We all know many thing about Warren Buffett; his fame and fortune are no secret. There are a couple of interesting tidbits my husband learned while in his employ which you might find interesting. Warren Buffet invested in small companies and items which he believed had great potential, things people would always need and use such as, Coca Cola, razor blades and cooking utensils. He bought out many mom and pop companies for a fortune and watched them rise to great heights. He was quite generous and whoever he bought the companies from made out very nicely. He owned an old beat up car which he drove everywhere himself; his lawyers kept insisting he have a chauffeur/bodyguard but WB would have no part of it, sometimes driving through very dangerous neighborhoods by himself. He ate the same lunch every day (and probably still does!) – a cheese burger and a Cherry Coke. Of course in many ways he lives the good life but it seems he never forgot his roots. There’s something to be said for that. Thank you for the interesting post about the Big Bull; I hope you enjoyed my story of WB. 🍔 🥤

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    1. I’m glad that you took pains for sharing facts about WB and more interesting thing is that your husband worked under him. The details given by you are quite informative. I think RJ also followed some strategies of WB, e.g. investing in small promising and sunrise companies, but he was not a simple guy, though he was raised in a middle class family. He had bought big bungalows and enjoying all sorts of luxury in the life. He was so much busy with his investment and enjoyment, that he couldn’t spare any time for health. On the contrary, as you said, WB led a simple life throughout. But then this is the life one has to decide for oneself. Thank you, Nancy again for sharing so much interesting information about WB. Much much appreciated!

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  4. Thank you, Kaushal, for your thoughts of wisdom illustrated by the sad story
    of an Indian man of wealth. It begs the question of how such a man had no one by his side who would change his deadly habits with love?


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    1. I can understand your concern, Joanna, but this life is full of ifs and buts, but life goes on as usual, and that’s called destiny. One has to write one’s own destiny. Others can simply advise or suggest. RJ might not be an exception. Thank you, Joanna, for sharing your thoughts!


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