Essence of Life

When I joined my Lucknow branch as its BM, my predecessor gave a complete profile of the branch, but he
cautioned me that Ashok was a crooked fellow, Randhir was a politician, Shyamveer is useless and so on.

I accepted what he said, but thought what should be the way out. Should I keep them work-free for their nuisance value? It was not acceptable. I allotted work after identifying what knowledge and good qualities they had. For example, I utilised the services of Randhir (politician) for business mobilisation, and it really worked well.

Nobody in this world is either completely good or completely bad. Everybody is unique in his or her own respects. Everybody can be useful, if we know his or her utility and we are ready to mould ourselves a bit to adjust.

We meet many people in life outside organisation and family every day. Sometimes suddenly someone collides at some point of life from nowhere and he or she becomes a life long friend. I always relish such a friendship or relationship, considering it a gift from the God.

The problem arises when we meet strangers, and start looking at with suspicion or at their shortcomings first. We instantly come to conclusion that he is rude, impolite, duffer and so on. We never realise that he may have some good qualities too. After all, who has no shortcomings? Only God can be perfect, not human beings.

We adore and admire pearls, but natural pearls are also not perfect in shape and look different from each other, unlike artificial pearls. Even a pair of shoes are not entirely same, if you look at deeply. Imperfection is the key and way of life, and so is the sweetness, if we accept and respect the imperfections.

We all like full moon that gives a feeling of completeness, when one can see people around in its bright light, but the darkness of the new moon gives an opportunity to see the reality when one finds all alone, when own shadow will not be there.

But the real inspiration comes from its halfness. Half moon in its incompleteness also looks beautiful and gorgeous, when it shows the way how to live and love oneself with whatever merits and flaws one has.

Perfection is definitely good, but what after achieving a perfect ten? Either saturation or downfall! Our imperfection inspires us to strive for improvement and excellence, that will keep us going, and that is the essence of life, the real life.

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. It’s true. I wish all the leaders had the ability to assess people and guide them according to their abilities. Unfortunately, I am yet to meet someone who will motivate and strengthen in my niche instead of trying to make me an all-rounder and demotivate when I fail to deliver. Kudos to you!

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    1. A leader’s basic job is to lead by example. If he doesn’t do, he is failing in his duties. You’re right, this era is of specialisation. Jack of all trades is considered master of none. What I suggest is that you choose a mentor for yourself, if you so wish. But you can’t avoid failures, these are stepping stones to success. All the best for all your endeavours. Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflections!

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  2. Your essays and poetry, Kaushal, are proof that perfection is possible; from the attention-grabbing contents, moral guidance, erudite information on every subject you write about, the thought-provoking ideas we would not think about, the wisdom of your advice, the moving, heartrending words about your family, to the poignant, beautiful presentations, it all adds up to flawless writing that is spiritually enriching and intellectually mind-extending,
    You are, Kaushal, God’s gift to us, a true friend. You are the essence of life.
    Thank you for being you.


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    1. My God! Am I in the same world or simply daydreaming? I just can’t believe what you have so generously stated, Joanna! It’s simply mind-blowing. You put me on a pedestal that I don’t deserve. This is your graciousness. But as I have said earlier, I always respect every single word of yours. I’ll accept and cherish your admiration. Thank you, Joanna, for making my day. Deeply appreciated!


  3. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly with this. Everyone has their unique quality which will create a diverse society. We learn to embrace and live in harmony. Kudos, KK. People are quick to judge and that’s sad. I love the post.

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  4. So very well said! I enjoyed the video too! Your experience taking over the bank branch reminded me of the experience my daughter had when she went to take over sales and marketing of an American Hockey League. This is a world where the decisions are made by older men. But she observed as you did and found people who had skills that were not being appreciated. Now she has risen to a VP position and those in her office love working for her.

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    1. I’m really happy for you and your daughter who has excelled in her profession. I think everybody has some innate qualities. The only need is to identify that quality and give a right direction. I’m happy that your daughter has this ability. My best wishes for her future endeavours. Thank you, Anne, for sharing this wonderful experience.

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  5. So very well written!

    If we all had the same gifts, parts of the job would struggle to be completed. If we all develop our own unique skill set, and work within our strengths as much as we can, the world would roll along much more smoothly.

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    1. Very well said, Dawn! I’m in agreement with you. I feel that everybody should do his or her own SWOT analysis to develop and succeed. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts!

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