Rain Spirit

Don’t run away if it rains
don’t find a roof for yourself
keep your umbrella closed
what are you afraid of?

It’s not acid rain after all,
what if you get wet?
You won’t melt like a sugar candy…

But this rain won’t come again
this too will go away
like this year
like every year of your childhood
then you will repent and crave
every moment of your childhood,
when duly drenched
in an atmosphere amplified
by the sweet aroma of rain
you used to sail and steer your boat
in the river of rainfall
like an expert pilot
with a swagger of your own…

Let others prefer to enjoy it
only on their laptops,
your children may also wonder
whether paper boats
can be made and sailed
for sheer love and pleasure…

Don’t forget it dear
return to your childhood days
live your life in your own style…

In the yellow light of street lamp,
like rain drops dancing
to the disco music of rain,
shake your legs
twitch your feet a little
and enjoy the rain
in the true rain spirit,
the Grace of the Divine…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Love this, KK! Reminded me of my old piano teacher, Mrs. Ridgeway. Whenever I didn’t practice the piano and it happened to be raining on the day of my weekly lesson, I would call her and say I couldn’t come because of the rain. She would always say “It’s only rain. You’re not going to melt like a sugar cube.” Then she would tell me not to worry – she would come to my house! I think she was on to me lol!! Thanks for these wonderful memories, KK!

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    1. Wow! What a lovely reflection, Nancy! It’s so relatable. Our school used to declare holiday on a rainy day, but we used to rejoice in rains at home. We used to pray for more rainy days. Even while coming back from school, we would deliberately get wet if it rained. So was the fascination for rain! Thank you for refreshing the memories.


    1. Hahaha, that will be really enjoyable if you do so. Making different kinds of boats is not less interesting. Thank you, Saba, for sharing your rain thoughts 🌧️🌧️

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      1. I made a lot of paper boats and let them flow in the rain water 😍⛵🌧
        What a bliss it was.
        I think you should also make some and let yourself enjoy the bliss of salad days.😍
        PS: Smaller ones float better than big ones ⛵⛵

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      2. I have done it several times during the last month, as it rains continuously every day. And yes, you are right, smaller ones float better. Your experience seems to be richer than mine. Thank you, Saba, for sharing beautiful reflections, walking down the memory lane.😍😍

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  2. Yet again, you are reading my mind, Kaushal, as here we are desperate for rain, and lots of it. The ground is parched, the canals have only inches of water, and locks are closed. The farmers are worried that there will be a shortage of produce
    We should be doing a rain dance in the main squares!!
    At least the exquisite roses in your picture lift my spirit…


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    1. The point raised by you reminds me that now-a-days children chant as a part of nursery rhyme, “rain rain go away” instead of “rain rain come again.” The impact is palpable everywhere. Thank you, Joanna, for sharing your concern and appreciating the roses that I was anticipating. Much appreciated!


  3. Marvelous! I always encourage my Grandson to run through puddles after a rain and to splash and stomp to his heart’s content. But I fear that now he is almost 8 and will feel he is “too old” for this sort of mischief. When he was younger he loved it .

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    1. Yes, here too, I find, grown-up children like to run through social media rather than puddles. Thank you, Anne, for sharing this interesting experience.

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  4. Great flow of thoughts about rain. It made me recall my past memoirs that we used to play on the rain. I can relate on playing paper boats, such a wonderful childhood experienced we ever had. Great poem and thank you for sharing!😍

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    1. I’m delighted to hear that from you, Estella. It’s really such a beautiful experience that no one can forget in his or her lifetime. Thank you so much for your words of appreciation that means a lot to me 😊😍


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