कुल्हड़ चाय / Kulhad Tea

मेरे पास टिफ़नी
या कोई अन्य महंगे कप प्लेट नहीं हैं,
मुझे तो अपना कुल्हड़* पसंद है,
जिससे चाय की चुस्कियां लेते हुए
एक साथ मुझे
मिट्टी की सुगंध का आनंद लेने और
अपने देश की पवित्र मिट्टी को
चूमने की संतुष्टि मिलती है…


I don’t have tiffany’s
or any other expensive tea-ware,
I like my kulhad* that gives
simultaneous satisfaction
of enjoying the earthy aroma
and kissing the sacred soil
of my beloved country
while sipping tea…

*P.S. Kulhad is an earthen cup for drinking water or tea

–Kaushal Kishore



    1. Kulhad tea are mostly available in trains or railway platforms, but now some shops are also offering. Thank you, Aparna ji. I’m glad you liked the message.😊💖

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    1. That’s a lovely idea, Joni. Do try, if you can. Cups are both simple and decorative, but using it for drinking tea gives a different taste altogether. Thank you and much love to you 😊💕🌹

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  1. As the celebrations of India’s Independence will be taking place whole week,
    Kaushal, this allegoric mention of a drinking cup made from the clay of the country’s soil is literally spirit-lifting every time you are lifting the cup to your lips.
    Blessing to those who love their country!


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    1. Thank you, Joanna, for your touching and uplifting words, as India is your favourite country. I must mention here that using the clay cup gives an entirely different taste and aroma. Do try, if you can.


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