Learnings from Pencil

Pen or pencil, that was the question, we all might have come across in our childhood. We start writing with pencil, because as a child, we are supposed to commit mistakes more frequently, as we are at learning stage and need to correct the mistakes, as and when we wish, but then we need an eraser.

The same pencil in mature and artistic hands, draws great ideas and works of art, but for this, it has to be put in the hands of competent persons, who may brutally cut its outer parts with a knife or sharpener from time to time, to keep it ready and useful. But its most important part continues to remain inside it.

A pencil leaves its mark on every surface in whichever condition. It doesn’t deviate from its destined purpose. We don’t know, but we also leave our mark, good or bad, wherever we go, irrespective of what happens thereafter.

Like a pencil, we’ll also be able to do all the good and great things in the world, if we entrust ourselves in the hands of parents, teachers and mentors. They may be harsh from time to time, but if we undergo and bear the same, realise our mistakes and deficiencies and correct the same, our lives will certainly get a better shape.

So no life is worthless, nobody is an ordinary person. All can achieve what they are born to achieve, but we must be ready to be like a pencil, to sharpen our focus and live to the point.

However, no one can claim to be perfect. That’s why it’s advisable to keep an eraser too, that is always ready to give us a second chance.

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. I did tell you, Kaushal, before that you could open a telephone directory book on any page, and find your inspiration there; today you have done even better. Apart from the excellent, philosophical musings on pens, pencils, and erasers, you have also included an inspiring sermon from the ” top of the mountain” into the bargain.
    I cannot put in adequate words my admiration for your talent, Kaushal!


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    1. Yes, I remember your words, Joanna! And I appreciate your kind words that make me blush a little at times. But I always accept humbly and cherish your admiration. Greatly appreciated!


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