गुल्लक / Piggy Bank

गुल्लक इसी भ्रम में रहता है
कि सारा पैसा इसी का है,
लेकिन टूटना पड़ता है
इसे भी एक दिन…


A piggy bank
remains under the illusion
that all the money belongs to this,
but this too has to be broken one day…

–Kaushal Kishore


    1. You’re right, Joanna, there are so many variations here now in India too, but we primarily used to have one made of clay. We called it Gullak, piggy bank is not our version. It had an opening at the top for inserting only, and the only way to take out all the money back was to break it.


  1. I also had a piggy bank with only a slot at the top. I used to take a knife and slide it in while piggy was tilted and I would let the money slide down the knife because I didn’t want to break it. It takes a while to get it out by the I would have counted the cost of what I wanted to buy😄😜💐🌷🌺

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    1. Hahaha, I had also done the same, by using a scale, but mostly for stealing some money when needed. But nowadays we put currency notes, instead of coins. So it’s really difficult to take out all money without breaking it open. Thank you for reminding my childhood mischief.😄😜💐🌹


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