Perennial Love

Weather keeps changing
from spring to autumn
and from winter to spring
but not she,
her weather of love
is perennial, evergreen
it’s a garden of trust
that never fades in her lifetime
fun, mischief notwithstanding
her eyes keep sparkling,
in sorrow, in happiness,
fragrance of a perfume
may not come from her stole
but her ocean of emotion 
remains aromatic, always…
she also grows every day
dimples may turn into wrinkles,
but her love never gets crumpled…

She may have a million wounds
in her chest,
yet she plays her flute and hums,
one can never know
when and how many jewellery
she had sold
not for her own good,
nobody can ever know
how many times her eyes rained
drenching her heart,
as some secrets of heart
are not told to anyone,
it can only be felt
if one so wishes…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. One of your most touching love poems, KK. When I see the male cardinals in our yard rushing back with food and gently placing it in his mate’s mouth, I wonder if it’s meant for her or for their babies waiting in the nest, mouths wide open and chirping for food. Either answer is the right answer.

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    1. You have very beautifully depicted the scene that I can visualise. Your last line is true, either situation is welcome. Thank you, Nancy, for this wonderful comment!

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  2. As always, Kaushal, when you write your thoughts about your beloved mother, the heartfelt words move all the readers. Those are my favorite poems because I revered your mother for a very long time, and I envy your safe and happy childhood. Your constant remembrance of your mother’s love for you must please her spirit and brings her blessing to your life.
    Thank you for the beautiful picture of devoted motherhood.


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    1. You’re right, Joanna, I can’t hold back myself from writing on the mother, when I fondly remember her on certain days. But I really appreciate your kind feelings about my mom. I’m sure, she must be showering her blessings upon you. Thank you, Joanna for such touching words and deep reflections that I always value much.


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