Our leaders think
every day has been created
only for them
every night is in their fists
the poor may long to eat
and survive,
but they survive on the blood,
sweat and tears of the poor
by snatching time, money,
peace, harmony, everything
from the poor
in the name of
caste, creed, religion and belief,
they block the sun and its rays
for little, dark huts
ridiculing the humanity,
they remain above all penal codes,
and amass everything sitting
on the piles of bodies and wealth,
but their hunger is not satiated
they remain hungry and poor
because they don’t know
how to give and share
they have no empathy
they don’t have a heart,
a poetic heart…
they need to be replaced…

with poets
poets at heart
both in deeds and words…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest


  1. Your feeling of urgency was palpable! Your idea was spot on! Why aren’t there more creatives in politics?! I guess because we are busy protesting with our talents what they lack in deeds to those who elected them. My family was very political; my Grandfather Marshall was a commissioner for and mayor of a city. But, he was a statesman not a politician. He collapsed at the courthouse one day; it was cancer in his lungs and brain. He was my best friend. I was only seven years old at the time and didn’t understand what was happening. His death four months later devastated me. It was the first and one of the very few times I watched my Mom cry. I was named for him…Susan Marshall. I apologize, dear friend. My migraine medicine makes me crazy and sentimental. I don’t know about where you live but here things are run by th good old boys. Listen to The Night the Lights went out in Georgia if you want to understand politics where I live. Reba McIntire sings it. Again, my apologies for stepping into the past.

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    1. I’m deeply touched with your heartfelt reflections. I’m glad that your grandfather was different from the rest. It’s true, we need statesmen, not politicians. No apology, Susan, it’s a virtue to be sentimental. And yes, I heard the song…they hung an innocent man. It’s too scary.

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  2. Goodness, Kaushal, you have masterfully painted with words a picture from the old medieval
    painting of hell. The idea of replacing politicians with the poets would be wonderful if their all had your wisdom..


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    1. We had a poet, Atal Behari Vajpayee as Prime Minister, and he proved to be a very successful PM. So precedent is there, but I agree with you, all poets may not be so competent. Anyway I’m glad that you liked it. Thanks so much, Joanna!


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