An Evergreen Loan

I used to take prideΒ 
I would never be indebted
to anyone in my life,
but my friends’ love
has compelled me
to change my stance forever,
their love is a loan to me,
an evergreen loan,
let it grow further every day,
let me be in debt forever,
so that I can pay periodically
interest thereon,
to keep this beautiful relationship
alive forever…

Happy Friendship Day πŸŽ‰πŸ’–πŸ’

P.S. Trees and plants also love company. Peter Wohlleben, a German forest scientist has concluded in his book ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ that there is friendship among trees. They can form bonds, feel love and communicate using scent with one another. If you help individual trees by getting rid of their supposed competition, the remaining trees are bereft. Let’s learn something worthwhile from plants and trees on this day.

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Dear Kaushal, I love your tribute to friendship as this is what makes life worthwhile.

    I also have the book you mentioned in my library and wrote about the extraordinary life
    of trees in my blog.

    Thank you, Kaushal, for being my friend!


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    1. While writing that note, I was thinking of you, as I had read that post of yours. Here I just wanted to make it a point for this day. Thank you, Joanna for your kind words and unwavering support!


    1. An evergreen loan is one, the principal of which is not required to be repaid during the currency of loan. Only interest amount is to be paid by the borrower.


  2. Mr. K.K ! An Evergreen Loan appears to be a Banking Poetry . But nice one . A step ahead I would like to take Poetry , in general , as Evergreen tool of amusement and , of course , the best return for friends’ love . Not as an interest on loan , but as a love for love . Or shall I say a basket of love with flowers of multiple smells . Thanks !

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    1. Thank you, Arbind ji, for sharing your beautiful thoughts. The purpose of a poem is to convey feelings in whichever way you like. If readers like you get it, my purpose will be served. Once again, thanks for your thoughtful support!


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