Continuity Continues..

He comes, says something,
puts a comma, and goes away..

She goes, replies to him,
puts another comma,
and comes back..

A third person arrives,
brings both together,
talks to them in confidence,
after multiplications and divisions
all decide to put a full stop..

One more person comes,
takes them to an open garden,
talks openly to them,
and all decide to add
one more full stop
beside the earlier one,
to connect the two dots
to continue..

Memory chips for cravings
for recognition and ego
may run into 3 or 5TB,
but one more dot of continuity
needs no space of memory,
just a willingness deep in heart
to continue,
wish to continue,
to continue to love,
to continue to struggle,
to face odds and failures,
to continue just to continue..

Today is today,
tomorrow there will be
one more today,
another opportunity in continuity,
and the continuity will continue,
if we wish to continue..

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Yet again, Kaushal, you read my mind as the most important word for me today is CONTINUITY of something in my life that I cherish.
    Apart from this, your way with words is unparallel, and I am sending you a message: please write because we, your tribe of readers want you to continue amazing us forever.


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    1. Wow! What a coincidence! In fact today I had started writing on comma and full stop that led me to think of continuity, as I never use a full stop in my poems. I’m glad you liked it. Thank you, Joanna for your message that I’ll treasure as the love and kindness for my writings. Deeply appreciated!


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