Humanity Prevails

The aloofness works
at times…

you do or don’t,
it’s good at times
to be left forlorn
staring at nothing
with indifference,
staying in silence,
suffering the agony
of a muse in solace…

the agony destroys the ego
and paves the way
to connect to others’ hearts..

when one is alone,
the environs become
the companions..

humans crave to belong,
and to be heard,
a two-sided coin
of the imaging of the reality
of link and presence..

and seek sonorous harmony
to bring hearts together,
amid the feel of oneness..

as the humanity prevails..

–Kaushal Kishore


      1. No trick as such, Isha, I write what I see and feel. No rhyme, no rhythm. Just feelings. Thank you for your appreciation. BTW, you too write very well. Just keep penning.

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  1. This poem is shaking up and waking up my Poetic Muse I may have to write a poem before I start working on Mena. I love your word choices you used to express yourself, So dope. All your poems are so inspirational like feeding me vitamins and medicine that heals the body and soul of the masses Absolutely love it 🥰 KK💛
    💟💜Ninth/Ennea Ennea💜💟

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    1. I feel humbled and honoured, my dear friend! It’s your graciousness that I appreciate from the bottom of my heart. I’ll always cherish your words, “inspirational like vitamins and medicines.” Thank you so so much again for your kind words and support 😊💐💖❤️

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    1. I truly loved your last line of the comment, that in itself is a poem. Thank you, Cindy for this wonderful comment. You made me happy 😁❤️

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  2. A very beautiful poem, KK.. i can feel it and relate.. i agree!! You said it so beautifully that i don’t need to comment any further🙂 I must say that, it’s wonderfully said by you👍🙂

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    1. I’m overwhelmed with your generous words, Saima! This makes my heart happy. Thank you so much for your kind appreciation and continuous support 😊😊

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