The Best

It doesn’t matter
if you are not the best,
at least you are not
stepping back into safety,
you are running
and taking a plunge
using whatever you have
to grab something better
and more deserving for you…

Persistent and consistent efforts
may bring you in the race with others,
who want to be the best,
but only one of them
really becomes the best,
but challenges don’t end there
only two options are at the top,
either to stop and stagnate there
or to come down,
there is no option to go up,
while coming down is not desirable,
stagnation is not life
even if it’s the top position,
and who are the competitors there..
only one that looks in the mirror

Nothing is put on this earth
to remain stagnant
iron in disuse also rusts,
a change for the worse,
so the antidote to stagnation
is action and innovation
a pool remains stagnant,
but its beauty and purity
lie in its running stream
running through rocks and boulders...

Challenges will always be there
at every position,
it depends
how we respond to changes
that always bring discomforts,
but resistance is not an option…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest



  1. Your philosophical discourse, Kaushal, is thought-provoking and inspiring in equal measures.
    Thank you!
    My beloved Guru, Swami Vivekananda advised:
    ” Things do not grow better, they remain as they are.
    It is we who grow better by changes we make ourselves.”


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    1. I agree with Guruji ‘s quote. Efforts are to be made by persons concerned to grow and stay useful and relevant. Thank you, Joanna for sharing this quote and appreciating the post!


  2. Challenges need not be something to be feared although it is easy to stand back instead of facing them head on. Sometimes its takes just a second to take the ordinary and make it magical. Thank you for another inspiring write, KK. Always a pleasure to read your work.

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  3. KK, I enjoyed this thought-provoking poem. ❤ The photo is a perfect illustration to warn us of stagnation, even at the top. Our most important competitor is "the one in the mirror."

    Even though Robert wins the majority of our Scrabble games, I enjoy playing because the goal here is personal development and having a good time together! We do not have to be the best, only our best! 🙂

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    1. So sweet of you, Cheryl. I always learn something beautiful from your posts and comments. I agree with you that we should not deviate from the main focus. An understanding couple like yours is a glaring example of a cordial and ideal married life. Thank you for sharing your reflections. God bless you both.💐💖🙏

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