The Seven Gurus

First Guru was my mother
who gave birth to me,
and who delivered the first lesson
of my life in her lap…

Second Guru is Mother Earth
I grew up on
with her support and succour…

The third Guru was my father,
holding whose finger
I learned to walk…

Fourth Gurus were all those teachers
from whom I received
various types of knowledge…

Fifth Guru is my wife
who taught me
what nobody else could…

Sixth Gurus are my children
who give me fresh insight
and innovative ideas…

And above all,
seventh Gurus are my friends
including those on WP
and other social media,
who constantly enlighten me
with their knowledge, wisdom, wits
and creative thoughts
that enrich me every which way…

I consider all those persons
as my Gurus (teachers),
who came in my life,
from whom I learnt
something or other…

Today on the occasion of
Guru Purnima,
I salute every one of them
from the bottom of my heart 🙏
Congratulations and best wishes
to all of you 🎉🎉🎉

विनयफलं शुश्रूषा गुरुशुश्रूषाफलं श्रुतं ज्ञानम्।
ज्ञानस्य फलं विरतिः विरतिफलं चाश्रवनिरोधः।।
(Modesty yields service, service to the Guru yields knowledge, knowledge yields detachment (stability) and detachment yields salvation.)

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. This is such a beautiful sentiment, Kaushal, expressed in a masterful way. May you be always happy and blessed with the love of all your gurus, gone and present.

    Happy Guru Purnima!


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    1. Thank you so much, Joanna, for your kind words and wishes that I heartily reciprocate. Happy Guru Purnima to you too!


  2. What an enlightening post KK, thank you for sharing.
    It also reminded me of the saying of Hazrat Ali in which he honoured every person who tought him even a single word as his master.
    May God bless you more, KK.

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    1. Thank you, Saba for your appreciation! I’m glad that you quoted the saying of Hazrat Ali, that is so apt and perfect. Much appreciated! Blessings to you too, Saba!

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  3. We all have at least one guru in life… For me, it was my first friend from kindergarten, then the moon, Mother Earth, people I met along the way, music, and yes, fellow bloggers here on WordPress.
    Blessings, friend. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your inner colors with us.

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  4. KK, Happy Guru Purnima! What an inspiring poem! I have long believed that everyone we meet has something to teach us. It is true that our children (and our students) have much to teach us. This is a lovely tribute to your gurus. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. You’re absolutely right, Cheryl, we learn a lesson or two from people we meet in our life. I agree with you. Thanks for your kind wishes that I heartily reciprocate 💖💐🙏

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  5. KK thanks are not enough in view of this poem, and your celebration! It is good to stop and think about all our teachers. I learn from every person I meet, my list would be long, but my main teacher is my late father; even though he is not here physically I still feel his spirit and remember all he taught me in my life- mainly to always put family first, which I do to this day. And I am so happy to also have such a wonderful WordPress family. We are blessed indeed and will continue to learn from one another ☺️💕🦋

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    1. I’m very very happy to know that you have a bigger list of teachers. It’s always better to learn from as many people as possible. I had the same attachment with my mom that you had with your dad. I still remember every word of hers. Thank you, Victoria for such a wonderful reflection. And you’re absolutely right about WP family that has brought us together 😊💐💖

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      1. It is good isn’t it to have had one parent to be our greatest teacher? I feel very blessed as I’m sure you do!
        As to every person being a teacher I must note that this also includes learning what I don’t want to be…
        Have a blessed day KK!

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