हमारे अपने / Our Own

ये डरते भी हैं डराते भी हैं,
ये लोग तो अपने ही हैं,
जो पास भी आते हैं
और गुर्राते भी हैं…
They are scared,
but they scare also,
these are our own people,
who come closer and growl too…

P.S. Pictures are for representation only. Cat lovers, please don’t get offended.

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest



    1. Shootings in US are really very unfortunate, but human behaviour is unpredictable. I wanted to put across this fact that our own people also at times are not reliable. Thank you, Cheryl, for your thoughtful comment 😊💖

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  1. I cannot say, Dear Kaushal, that I like the idea of using animals to show the shortcomings of
    man. In fact, the saddest thing is that it is not our enemies that betray us.


    PS. I have sent you an email as promised!

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    1. You’re absolutely right, Joanna, we can take care of enemies, but not the frenemies, our own people. Thank you for liking the idea.
      Yes, Joanna, I have received the email. Thanks once again!


  2. पास न हो तो क्या , पर साथ रहो मेरे
    बस अहसास ही काफी है हौंसले के लिए
    Thats so perfectly expressed,. Sir in few lines, the entire essence of relationship 💕❤️

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  3. सर, बहुत गहरी सोच..🙏🏼 परिस्थितियां इन्हें पास लाती हैं और यही परिस्थितियां इन्हें गुरॊने का मौका देती हैं॥

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    1. सोच पसंद आई जानकर खुशी हुई। बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद!!


  4. A great poem KK! I love animals for their honest exchange. Scared, mad, honest real. If humans could own their feelings with introspection, we would have a lot more empathy and less rights and wrongs and acceptance. 💖

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    1. Very well said, Cindy! There is much to be desired of human beings. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful thoughts 😊💖


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