Memory Unlimited

One of our officers in the bank, Surendra was very methodical. He used to spend 10-15 minutes both in the morning and evening to write down his goals, targets and important tasks on small paper stickers and put them on the work table.

Surendra always kept an eye on them and kept updating them from time to time by removing and adding the paper stickers. He was so meticulous in his work and follow-up that he used to take any reminder as an insult. The same practice he followed at home too.

Taking a cue from him, another officer,  Madhusudan started jotting down ‘to do’ points every morning in his diary, but never looked at them. As a result, his ‘to do list’ got longer and unmanageable. Finally he gave up this practice. So more important ‘to do’ is the implementation in letter and spirit.

More or less, everybody does it, either in mind or in mobile. As a student, most of us used to keep stickers of important formulae and key lesson points on our reading tables for quick revision.

It’s a fact that we tend to forget so many important things, for which apart from white board, we can now use Google Calendar and Mobile Alarm to reminds us. Window gives options of events, birthday, anniversary, countdown days and

The irony is that more space can be created in computer or mobile for storage of more memories, but not in the machine inside the cranium. One may take pride in having a strong memory, but when the mind is cluttered with all the useless things, the important things are bound to be missed.

So instead of searching options to increase the memory space, let’s try to delete and trash periodical the unwanted files of stories and events that make us gloomy at times to ensure preserve priceless memories.

Fortunately, we have been provided with outer memory to help us remember important dates and events. Remember, it only reminds us sans imagination or emotion. The rest remains our responsibility. But if we keep putting off alarm bell, whenever it rings, who will be responsible?

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. This post, Kaushal, resonates with me because I have an excellent memory. It was helped by having to learn by heart at least 60 pages of text from a short story by a famous writer, and then recite it a word-for-word during my literature lesson. This was useful when I applied to a film school and was accepted. In the end, I went to study medicine before switching (for serious reasons) to the university.
    Just like Surendra, I make a list of mundane things to do during the day. My memory is nothing compared with the legendary memory of Swami Vivekananda, who would glance once at
    the page of encyclopedia and then recite the contens without a mistake.
    There are methods of improving our brain ability by eating and drinking certain foods.


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    1. That’s really great, Joanna! That’s why I always appreciate you. You’re different from others. Sixty pages! Unbelievable! But then you are Joanna. I had also memorised a few shlokas, mantras and poems during my school days and surprisingly I can recite them even now, but not 60 pages. You’re incredible and must have God’s blessings.
      Ayurveda recommends Brahmi for improving memory power, but I’m not very sure.


      1. Thank you, Kaushal, I could not take up of your space but if you allow me, I can write to you privately with the newest scientific discovery on this subject.


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      2. Oh sure, Joanna, I would like to know, so that I can guide parents of toddlers. Thanks in advance!


  2. Very informative and interesting. Clearing the mind of useless clutter and worry is something we all need to work on; it won’t happen on its own. As far as memory goes, I have recently started writing notes to myself to remember to do this or that; I would be up the proverbial creek without a paddle if I didn’t! Thank you for sharing another great post, KK.

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    1. It’s heartening to note that you liked this post that resonates with you. It’s necessary at times to remind ourselves, and I’m happy that you are doing it. Thanks a lot, Nancy, for sharing your beautiful reflections!

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    1. I’m so happy that you liked the post. As you have rightly said, clutter is one of the barriers of productivity. Thank you, Cheryl. Stay blessed, always 🙏💖


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