Voice to Words

Her shadow was getting elongated
as the sun was preparing
to take a dip into the enormity
of the known and unknown,
darkness was engulfing
the entire environ,
but in a corner of the seashore,
her pearls of words
were transforming in tears
and falling in silence
to create an ocean of emotions,
competing with
the immense expanse of the sea…

Waves washed off
all the traces of house
she had drawn on the sand,
but steady ebb and flow of waves
kept conversing with her
with unceasing regularity
lifting and sinking simultaneously
her tiny boat of hopes,
while sound of waves
was calming under heartbeats…

Then she witnessed
in the pitch-dark surroundings
the white milky glow of waves
that whispered something
into her ears,
and her pearls started twinkling
with smile and action
to find a new anchor of her boat
without waiting for the sun
to reclaim its legacy of light
as she had to give
her own voice and light
to her unflinching words…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest



  1. Today, Kaushal, your words wizardry took your talent to another level of brilliance!
    Your imagination is admirably powerful and infinite.
    .The excellent presentation adds to the atmosphere of being at the seashore of the ocean.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. That’s so very kind! I feel humbled and honoured, Joanna! I’ll cherish and treasure your generous words. Thanks so much! Greatly appreciated!


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