Legacy of Love

Once you had said,
‘Set on fire all those letters
I had ever written to you.
If someone reads,
what will he or she perceive
or say about us?’

The feelings used to be then
exclusively for us
not meant for the social media
there was no PDA
or public display of affection…

But setting on fire the letters
that lighted up the fire of love?
My heart couldn’t accept,
those letters carry
our tender feelings, still alive…

We used to write letters that had
no letters, words or sentences
but intense passion
talking about compulsions,
pain of separation,
happiness to meet soon,
love and its logical conclusion
shrinking the whole world into plain
innocuous looking pieces of paper
by painting them
in varied hues of love and emotions
filling all the inmost feelings in them…

We used to carry the letter
around our chest the whole day
on receiving it,
don’t know how many times
we used to read it before replying
with the same passion
that knew no bounds, no constraints
unlimited love, unlimited space
no need to delete or trash anything…

These letters will be a legacy
of my love that I’m proud of,
whoever reads will come to know
how to express love decently,
without making unnecessary noise,
without any frills,
without any showy gifts,
without any Valentine Day,
but without losing the thrill…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest



  1. I loved this post, Kaushal, as soon as I saw it first thing in the morning. If you can write about love letters so beautifully, what your love letters must have been but wonderful!


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    1. Thank you, Joanna for this lovely compliment. That was also a time. A lot of changes since then in so many aspects.


  2. This resonates so deeply with me. My husband and I used to write love letters when we were first dating; I still have them. Very few people write physical letters anymore; emails do not convey the same depth of dedication and time it takes to sit down and send a written letter or card. Those days are sadly gone. I was reminded of something I wrote back in 2017 when my site was just starting up. If you are interested in a short read, you might want to check it out: https://wp.me/pc3LSm-bD

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    1. Yes, Nancy, I just read that post. It’s really cute and sweet, and beautiful written. Thank you. I think letters then used to be the only means of communication apart from trunk call. Moreover, the artistic letter pads, envelopes and cards for different occasions were added attractions. But change is inevitable. We have also changed a lot. But I’m really happy for you that you still have those love letters. Preserve them. These are your priceless possessions.


    1. Wow! That’s ingenious way to convert digital to physical. I’m happy for you, Tricia. Thanks for sharing your beautiful reflections 😊💖

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    1. So happy to know that you have preserved those letters. That’s a lovely thing to do. You’re right, even emails are not preferred in these days of instant messaging, but that feel will always be missing. Thank you for sharing your reflections!

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