गलतियां / Faults

हर समय लगा रहता है
वह दूसरों की गलतियां ढूंढने में
डर है कहीं कोई
उसकी ही गलतियां न ढूंढने लगे…


He is always busy
finding faults in others,
he is afraid
that someone might start
looking for his faults instead…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Such a wonderful post and reminder, be kind and not talk badly about others because they might be a little different than you. I knew a person like that for a while and eventually I just had to cut off the relationship, which was too bad. Great post KK.

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    1. What I understand is that it results from inferiority complex. One upmanship is one thing that should be avoided for a cordial relationship. Thank you, Joni for sharing your reflections.


    1. There is a joke, Cindy. A girl was not ready to marry. Then her mother convinced her that if she committed mistake in her life, there must be somebody who could be made responsible. That’s the real pearl of wisdom 😊🤗❤️

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