If Wishes Were Horses…

Swinging in the arms of life
once a wish asked the life,
“Why don’t I get fulfilled?”
The life smiled at her and replied,
“What gets fulfilled no longer
remains a wish.

This life is a bouquet of wishes
some gets fulfilled
some fades away or even stink
as the days and years pass,
but some keeps enchanting us
with their fragrance
to make this life more beautiful
and worth living…

Wishes are strange
that may be for power, pelf, house,
or an adorable spouse,
but the goal remains
to derive happiness and pleasure
that one can find
by living in a house,
or by income earned from it
or just by selling it at a huge profit,
that happiness a child may get
by buying a balloon,
the other by selling it
and the third by bursting it…

Definition of happiness may vary
with wishes, time and person
if a tree of sandalwood smells good,
a bitter neem tree is also beneficial
in many ways…

So don’t bother about
greying or falling hair,
cheek folds or weight gain
or depleting bank balance,
there will always be someone
who will appreciate
your beautiful heart,
who will cherish your smile
who will be happy
just seeing you happy…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Morning, Kaushal, just to tell you that I already love this post and I will come back;
    just one thought for now – in life it all boils down to with whom you are doing it


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  2. Your essay, Kaushal, on the meaning of life and our wish-list is riveting and breath-stopping interesting!
    The dialogue between Life and the wish read like something from the medieval tales or perhaps even from the Sanskrit texts. Your last verse about everyone wanting someone to be loved by and appreciated for a good heart could be translated as advice to be prudent who do we choose to spend life with?!


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    1. Thank you again, Joanna, for your detailed response and appreciation. You are right when you say ‘who do we choose to spend life with’. This is the life that has many variables.

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    1. I resonate with what you say. Everything starts from wish or dream that creates a vision fro action. Thank you, Cheryl, for your kind appreciation 😊💖

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