याददाश्त / Memory

याददाश्त का तेज होना
एक अच्छी बात है,
लेकिन कभी-कभी
चयनात्मक तौर पर भूलना
बेहतर होता है
खुश रहने के लिए…


It’s good to have
a sharp memory,
but it’s better
sometimes to have
selective amnesia
in order to be happy…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Goodness, Kaushal, how wise you are! Those who remember and drag out all the misdeeds of their loved ones will never be happy.
    From my book of quotes here is the one we should all learn by heart:
    ” God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference”
    Reinhold Niebuhr

    PS. I am still working on it!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful quote that is not one off action. It’s a continuous process for betterment of the self. Will try to emulate.


  2. Most people think that they are not responsible for their thoughts because it is coming from some unknown source like karma, God, genetics, neuronal process etc. But one can clearly see that thought begins as identification with the body. Identification with the body is the first thought and all subsequent thoughts overlay on that ! You can verify it every morning when thought identifies with the body, immediately on waking up (waking up is becoming aware of the body) and you can also verify any time, if only you are keenly aware, that “the belief that you are the body” is the basis of every thought and all thoughts ! Becoming aware of the body, need not be followed by identification with the body ! It is only a habituated wrong identification and hence you can realize that you are actually beyond thoughts, and thought is only a tool to use the imaginary body in this imaginary world and not for believing you are the body !

    Dreamless sleep is a clear evidence for absence of thought, because there is no body to be aware of and identify with. Contrast it with dream, where you have a body and so thought identifies with it and continues its flow till the dream ends. Now, whenever you are aware of a body, you are also aware of a world ! World is just an extension of body awareness and not separate from it ! Both body and world arise in mind and are non-different from mind ! But identification with body, creates an individual mind juxtaposed with the world and hence creates the chasm called dualism which is the cause of the core suffering called envy !

    Once you understand that this waking world also is a dream and is experienced through a dream body, then you need to completely come out of all envy. Envy is to always seek something which will constantly enhance your image or increase your pleasure due to the firm belief that you are a limited individual locked up within body and mind and hence suffering from insufficiency, boredom, lack of esteem etc. To make yourself enviable is also only a reaction to your own envy ! When you, with increasing clarity and subtlety directly see in the depths of your mind that you are not the body and body identification is only a thought, the momentum of envy also weakens. Envy is the root cause of all sorrows be it envying name, fame, possession, physical sensation etc. The sorrow of insufficiency can never be fully removed by the pursuit of envy because the confidence gained by the ego in one aspect will always be challenged in some other aspect and perhaps in the same aspect. As each individual is contantly trying to distinguish himself or herself, the happiness of the ego’s attainment cannot last very long and the wheel of comparison is set in motion repeatedly which keeps the envy alive. Envy flourishes only due to lack of enquiry. At the very moment you are envious, instead of pursuing the object of envy, if you can turn your attention to envy itself, it immediately disappears ! In fact, all emotional feelings have same nature. When attention is put on them, they lose their potency ! Then your real Self shines forth ! Otherwise, the object carries you away and strengthens your individuality further !

    Envy, hatred, fear, anger, lust are all rooted in the belief that you are the body. This belief has to be questioned through keen investigative awareness of the key primitives of human experience like ideas, perception, action, sensation, thought etc with great love and attention and with unwavering purpose of discovering the ground of all experience of which body is the primary experience. There is nothing else to do other than seeking the Truth within yourself. As the Truth of your real nature or swarupa becomes clear, immediate and always available, thought loses its dominance and you are released from the self built prison called “person” and thereby realize, you are the transcendent Pure Consciousness itself beyond the world of thought and sensation, space and time and also the immanent Reality on which they have their appearance.
    Copied from mokshaclub


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