इठलाना / Swagger

कितना दिलचस्प
होगा देखना
इठलाना गुलाब का
जब अहसास हो जाए उसे
अपनी खुशबू और खूबसूरती का…


How interesting
would it be to see
the swagger of a rose
once it becomes conscious
of its fragrance and beauty…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Did you say roses, Kushal? Then you have my full attention. The roses are like Hollywood or Bollywood stars.
    They don’t swagger because those who are born heart-stopping beautiful, just like roses are,
    lead a contented and confident life with the world bowing in admiration.
    Thank you for the photo of the exquisite roses!


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    1. Yes, Joanna, roses, my favourite, and yours too. I was just imagining a lot of things including their utility today while looking at their beauty. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.


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