एक जरूरी काम / An Important Work

कभी कभी कुछ भी करने को
मन नहीं चाहता
कुछ न बोलना न सुनना
न पढ़ना न लिखना
बस चुपचाप बैठ कर देखते रहना
शून्य में
आते जाते लोगों को
मस्ती में फुदकती हुई पक्षियों को
पेड़ पौधों को हवा में झूलते हुए
सुंदर बहुरंगी फूल और पत्तियों को…

यह एक ऐसा सुकून है
जब दिल शिथिल हो जाता है
और लगता है मानों
मेरा कुछ भी नहीं
फिर भी सब कुछ मेरा है
जब किलकारी भरने लगती है
मेरी नियति एक आत्मीय सुख में
जो मुझे आश्वस्त करती है
कि कभी कभी कुछ न करना भी
एक काम है,
एक जरूरी काम…


I don’t want to do anything
neither speaking nor listening
nor reading nor writing
just to sit idle quietly
and watch into the void
the people coming and going
the little birds in the spirit
playing with each other
plants and trees
swinging in the air
with cute kaleidoscopic
flowers and leaves…

It’s such a comfort
when the heart gets relaxed
and it seems I have nothing,
yet everything is mine,
when my destiny appears
to squeal with a soulful delight
that convinces me
that sometimes doing nothing
is also a work,
an important work…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. You have described quite wonderfully, Kaushal, the great pleasure of doing nothing. I concocted another valuable reason to avoid even a hint of feeling guilty; when I don’t do anything, actually,
    I am conducting research!


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  2. Sometimes the best thing we can do for our bodies and minds is nothing. My grandmother had a very simple but profound philosophy which I try to follow to this day: “Eat when you are hungry; sleep when you are tired.” In this busy world of ours it may not always be practical but it really is as simple as that!

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    1. I agree with you and your grandmother in this respect. Our body and soul have certain needs that need to be fulfilled at the right time. Thank you, Nancy for sharing this pearl of wisdom.

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    1. I was not aware of this quote of Jackie Chan, but I had read John Milton’s… “Those who stand and wait also serve the God.” Thank you, dear Eunice, for sharing it.

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