जुबान / Tongue

जुबान से तापमान ही
मापता रहा मैं जिंदगी भर,
काश इसकी मिठास या कड़वाहट
को भी माप सकता…

😛 😜 😛 😛 😜 😛

I kept measuring temperature
with my tongue all my life,
I wish I could measure
its sweetness or bitterness too…

–Kaushal Kishore


    1. Words uttered by tongue may be both sweet and bitter, and sometimes the person himself or herself doesn’t know whether it’s sweet or better. If we can measure them, it will be better. Thank you, Joanna!


    1. Don’t get scared. It’s said that the tongue has both poison and nectar. It depends on us what to extract. Thank you for sharing your reflections.
      And yes, that’s a potato used for creating simple artwork to express feelings. 😊💐

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    1. Well said, VM. Tongue is a flexible organ that can make or mar the future of life. Thanks a lot for sharing your views 😊💐


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