I had always been driven by self
engulfed by own self
as I liked and loved myself
I used to believe
my own values and conduct
as the best in the world…

I had safely assumed 
that I didn’t snore,
but others pointed me out
that I did snore
and their own sleep pattern
got disturbed,
I took corrective measures
without any shame…

I was confident
the way I used to carry myself
was perfect,
but my well-wishers pointed out
that I tilt to the left,
I mended my ways
without any guilt…

Such feedbacks
might have pleased me or not
at that very moment
but have certainly added values
to my personality…

I wonder
whether I would have been
what I’m today
had I ignored or labelled them
as futile or hostile
in the first place…

I still do love myself,
rather more intensely,
but now I also love those
who love me…

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest



  1. You have raised eloquently important issue, Kaushal, as self-love is vital in life. In normal cases, it
    prevents us from self-harm by drinking, smoking, or drug-taking, or taking unnecessary risks.
    I like the last verses about loving those who love you!

    Again, the quote from the great man who knew everything, Swami Vivekananda:

    “Things do not grow better; they remain as they are.
    It is we who grow better, by changes we make ourselves.”


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    1. Well said, Joanna! Thank you for this beautiful quote that states the universal truth. I love Swamiji’s quotes. I have already said that my post is not complete without your comment. Greatly appreciated!


    1. Thank you, Dhirendra ji, for your words of appreciation that means a lot. What are your two sites? I’m not getting notifications in my readers section.

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