Journey To My Goal

My dreams, my hopes
sparkling aspirations,
never cease to exist
new developments
create new feelings
to desire more
shifting goalposts
every day every moment
like a mirage
while the ground of reality
also seems slippery…

These dreams
never gets shattered,
with every slip or tumble
a new hope rises again
raising a new leaf of determination
in the brightness of sunrays
under the infinite sky,
the fear of letting go
erupts when noise from afar
tries to dissuade me
from expecting to see
the arc of a rainbow
while walking towards a mirage…

I have constraints of time,
should I divert it to idiotic things
or put it to some creative use?

The struggle with the self ensues
and the outer noise gets
subdued by the inner voice
that breaks the barriers
that never existed,
the soothing moonlight
sliding through my feelings
stir the arteries of my heart
inundated with a river of infinity…
My goal may be distant,
may or may not be within reach
but what is within my reach
is to dream, hope, aspire
and attempt to do better
with every passing day
and every moment,
with every rising
and falling intonation
the journey to my goal
becomes more
musically interesting
making every today of mine
better than yesterday…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Today’s post, Kaushal, is an overwhelming example of both – your great poetic talent and your wisdom. Every word of your masterpiece has a profound meaning and would resonate with many aspiring people. I can only hope that “the goal” is the one I would wish you to strive for, because only unique people like you, Kaushal, in the right position, could make the world a better place for others.
    Thank you for the beautiful and memorable presentation!

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    1. I picture you as a star in the heavens that’s not stationary. You have compelling power causing other stars to ascend with you in a swirling, whirling movement, and together with them have become a beautiful bouquet of living flowers in the lap of our Father. Angels are singing: “Man has become the glory of God ….. the great transformation has come!”
      Truly the imagination…. the creative imaging you now have in such great measure, Kaushal, is transformation power. I think of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, but we are coming into a time in which we will become more than a butterfly…. The manifestation of anything and everything we desire is possible, because when our hearts are one with God’s, nothing is impossible.
      You are a forerunner of the glory, my brother. Thank you and bless you such a free and loving expression of life that you are.

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    2. That’s so very kind of you, Joanna. I’ll always cherish this beautiful comment of yours. You made my day with your generous praise that means more than I can say in words. Thank you so much, Joanna. Much much appreciated!


  2. such wisdom and beautify in your words of continuing to listen to the still voice inside no matter what KK.
    Love these words.
    “what is within my reach
    is to dream, hope, aspire
    and attempt to do better
    with every passing day
    and every moment,
    with every rising
    and falling intonation”💖💖💖

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s so nice of you to say, my friend. Thank you and you too have a pleasant week ahead!


  3. I feel humbled and honoured to receive such an eulogical comment that I had never expected. It means the world to me. This in fact shows your graciousness, Michele! Caterpillar becoming more than a butterfly is heartening to note. Thank you so much for your kind words and blessings. God bless you 💖💐


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