Sharad went to Mumbai to stay with his son and daughter-in-law for a few days. One day he started suffering from toothache that became terrible. He had no option but to make an appointment with a nearby dentist.

While sitting in the reception, his eyes fell on the nameplate on which the name of the doctor was written,
“Dr. Sanjana Prakash Nair, MDS”

All of a sudden, a lightning struck him,  “Is it that Sanjana, my own Sanju?” He was in double mind, “This Sanjana might be some other Sanjana. There are so many Sanjanas, who cares!”  But somewhere within, he was not convinced. He started exploring in the mind that Sanjana Prakash might be his own and might have married to some Nair.

He walked down the memory lane for a while. Sanjana Prakash popularly known as SP or Sanju to close ones, was a fair, tall, beauty queen with curly hairs and with a swag of her own. She was the damsel of the class, who used to put others in distress. Sharad himself was one of her silent admirers.

He could feel his throbbing heartbeat in anticipation. He had forgetten his toothache. When his name was called, his heart rate further increased, but when he entered Sanju’s chamber,
he was in for a surprise that her curly hairs on her forehead were not there, the rosy dimpled cheeks had become well rounded now and one of her dimples had shifted to her forehead. The blue eyes were hidden behind the thick glasses, though the original sparkle was still there in her eyes, but a bit dim.

Unfortunately she didn’t recognize Sharad. After getting his teeth checked, he asked her, “You used to study in Carmel Convent, Bhopal, didn’t you?”

She said, “Yes”

Sharad asked, “When did you pass 10th? In 1979?”

She said, “Correct! But how do you know all this?”

He replied with a smile: “Hey, you were in my class…”

Stretching her mind, she asked,
“Which subject did you teach.. sir?”

Sharad felt hurt in his heart that ached all over. His toothache had vanished into thin hair.

While coming out, he looked at himself in the mirror installed in her chamber. He had never thought that his greying and receding hairline and bulging tummy would hurt him this way.

He went back and started giving unsolicited advices to his son and daughter-in-law to adopt a healthy diet and routine to remain in good shape. They were at a loss whether the dentist had started practising as dietician and fitness expert too.

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest


  1. Your story, Kaushal, resonates with me because I have a horror of losing my smooth and flawless skin, and work on keeping it looking so special. As I am tiny, I live on organic vegetables and fruits, like blueberries and apples. I exercise my face, and I must be doing something right because people who did not see me for some time ask,
    “Why are you looking younger rather than older?” I usually tell them that I might be an alien.

    Sharad’s advice to his family was of great importance, as looking good is spirit-lifting, gives you self-respect, and leaves you free you to extend your brainpower, equally important in life as liking what you see in the mirror.
    Thank you, Kaushal, for your witty ending to the story that made mi smile!


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    1. I’m really glad that the story resonates with you, and whatever you have stated resonates with me. I know you are a strict disciplinarian in the matter of food and healthcare. Whatever you feed the body, the body responds accordingly. So I can safely assume that you have defied your age. Incidentally the picture in the post is of Rekha, an actress, who at 67 looks more stunning and still gives dance performances. But it really made me happy that the story made you smile. Keep smiling!


  2. Haha, this is too funny! Sometimes people get hit by lightning when they experience something that makes them feel comfortable, and feel they must impose their new founded wisdom on others 😂
    Thanks for sharing!

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