रिश्ते / Relationships

रिश्ते तो सभी
मजबूत ही होते है,
कमजोरी तो है
बस उन्हें निभाने में…


are all strong,
weakness lies only
in fulfilling them…

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. There is only one suggestion, Kaushal, to the problem you presented; taken from one of my
    friends, Rehem:
    ” To have a successful relationship, you have to fall in love several times but always with the same
    Brilliantly simple but true!


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  2. रिश्तों की डोर कच्ची होती है, सम्भालके ओर कसके पकड़नी पड़ती हैं💕💕😊
    सही कहा आपने sir

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