The Best

Get the best
get the right stuff
well tested product
and see it perform
the best
but no amount of assurance
guarantee or warranty
ensure what will happen next…

A brand new tube
within a brand new tyre
of a brand new bicycle
running on a road
gets punctured
either due to a sharp nail
or excess pressure as a result
of rise in temperature…

When the punctured tube
gets patched up
the wheel starts moving again
of course with the scar
that may puncture again
with no certainty
that it won’t puncture again…

One fused link in the cable
may disrupt the entire current flow
but the best course is to fix it
and let the current flow again
with no certainty
that there won’t be
a short circuit again…

Every time it’s not possible
to replace with new one
especially when it comes
to an expensive shawl
that gets darned beautifully
not thrown,
or our own house
that develops cracks
but gets repaired
to give a decent look anew
not demolished…

Relationships are also like this
either to grumble with
a fly in the web
or a fly in the ointment
or to just activate wings
to fly high
solo or in the group
with soul in the sky…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Excellent post, Kaushal, on the perils of a throw-away society, including modern relationships.
    We are filling the landfills polluting the planet with things thrown as they go wrong, instead of repairing them.
    I saw in people’s houses fridges 30 years old but still working, and I have a tablecloth embroidered by my great-grandmother still beautiful as it is treated with respect. The same can be said about relationships that could be improved by communication, and not just dissolved, in order to seek someone new, and then new again.
    A clever producer here made programs where skilled workers are going to the rubbish centers where we can take things that are not working or are old and unwanted, and retrieve them with owners’ permission. Those items are then restored to their working condition or made into something new and beautiful. The message is clear – Don’t throw away, recycle!


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    1. Very well said, Joanna! Now-a-days, people have adopted “use and throw” culture, whether it’s a petty item or big one, or even friendship or relationship. I use a dining table and chairs more than 25 years old. As you have given example, we should never forget 3Rs of environment, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Recycling means the use of garbage as resources. Thank you, Joanna for sharing this useful information.


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