बेवफाई / Infidelity

बेवफाई कोई सीखें
तो मेरे दिल से,
जो रहता है मेरे अंदर
पर तड़पता है
किसी और के लिए…


If anyone wants to know
what infidelity is,
learn from my heart
that lives inside me
but longs for someone else…

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pinterest



  1. This touching, clever poem, Kushal, is a wonderful example of the talented artist’s imagination.
    I could bet a bottom dollar that if you met the person your heart suppose to be longing for,
    you would rather cross the street than get involved. I love the pictures in your today’s posts.


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    1. I cherish your sweet comment, Joanna, but I was not aware that you could read my mind, or rather heart. Today’s pictures I had taken from pinterest that has a good collection. Thank you, Joanna, once again.


      1. Apologies, Kausha, for being too presumptuous. I just have a feeling that as a talented artist
        I should allow for your imagination to run free without taking your every world literary.


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      2. Not at all, Joanna! I enjoyed your comment. I wrote back to you in lighter vein. Thank you!


    1. Pranam and regards to you. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your reflections that are pearls of wisdom. I truly appreciate. Thanks.


    1. बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद इस प्रशंसा के लिए।शुभ रात्रि 🙏💐


  2. Love it! Awakens some deep dark yearnings inside me, until I am startled by the grizzly bear next to me growling, “I hungry. What’s for breakfast?” Boom! Reality strikes! LOL

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