घड़ी / Time

घड़ियां तुम्हारे पास भी है
और मेरे पास भी
तुम देखती हो उन्हें,
जबकि मैं बांटता हूं
ले लेना तुम भी उन्हें मुझसे
जब चाहे जिस वक्त…


You have watches
while I have time
you watch them,
while I share
you too can take them
from me
whenever you wish…

–Kaushal Kishore

P.S. घड़ी (Ghadi) in Hindi means
both watch and time.


  1. As I know, Kaushal, how generous you are, I am not surprised that you share time, although,
    “Time is money”, said wisely, Benjamin Franklin.
    And on the subject, another sage, Seneca, wrote:
    ” It is not that we have little time, but more that we waste a good deal of it.”


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    1. I agree with Benjamin Franklin. You can share what is valuable to you, only with those who are valuable to you. And sharing time with our lovely friends is not wastage. So thank you, Joanna for giving further insight in this respect.

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  2. बाँट लीजिये साथ में कभी घड़ी दो घड़ी
    किसको पता जिंदगी अपनी छोटी है या बड़ी
    Loved n enjoyed it ,sir❤️❤️

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    1. Thank you, Reena for enjoying the piece.😊💐💖
      मैं तो हर घड़ी को बांटने के लिए हूं तैयार
      अगर मिल जाएं अपनी तबियत के दो यार

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