The Holy Soil

I take a piece of soil in a pot
and put a seed
from which emerges
a beautiful plant
and then buds and flowers,
I don’t know
how it comes and from where…

Soil behaves like colourless water
for every seed that’s planted
taking the form of a mother
whose children may differ
in color, size and shape,
but her nature of motherliness
remains the same…
she never forgets her heritage
her unfailing devotion…

Without exchanging a word
or even a glance
she feels the love
a sense of belongingness,
our life remains light
as long as this soil bears
all the burdens,
that too for others…

We have grown up
playing on the same holy soil
that has also the remains
of our ancestors,
a linkage, a trust
that needs to be kept intact…

No matter how high
a flower may reach on its branch,
it blooms as long as
it remains attached to the soil…

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. As soon as I saw the flowers, Kaushal, I knew I will love this post. I once quoted the words of the great man that could be my brother, despite that he lived on the other side of the world and died trying to lift the spirit of the people traumatised by the fierce war around them. I am writing about
    The Last Gardena of Aleppo, who said: “Flowers are the essence of the world.”
    What you see with your eyes is the reflection of what your heart feels.
    I love your words, Kaushal, about protecting the ancestral links, especially in a wonderful country like India.
    One great man wrote that green is the prime color of the world and that from which its loveliness


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    1. I’m thankful to you, Joanna for this enriching comment. I remember about Aleppo. The quote again goes to prove that the beauty lies in the eyes/ heart of beholder. I also appreciate your good feelings about India. Thanks so much.


  2. How wonderful to read! So true, we are all connected to the past. And no matter where the future may lead us our ancestors are the ones who are shaping our stories.
    Thank you for a great read!

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  3. My hibiscus 🌺 is really struggling since some time. Mealy bugs have attacked it. I read the post and all I could think about is my poor poor hibiscus 😔

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    1. So sorry to know. In fact, hibiscus is a holy flower that is used for worship. Take a second chance. I know hibiscus plants are not demanding.🙂

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