So Much Still Left

There may be holes in the sky,
this was the first time he knew
when the incessant rain
washed away his city his home
his everything
as the sky had poured out
all its love on the earth
engulfing it in the depths of rain
the earth had become invisible…

He finds an oyster while walking
on the wet sands of the ocean
and thinks as if
God has given a precious pearl
whose faint light takes him
from somewhat dry, silent corner
of the promenade
to the lap of the goddess of sleep…

It’s said that dreams have no color
but his dream sends out
many colors of dreams
which ultimately take him
in the buoyant sunshine
that gives a light of calmness
even in the face of impending storm
that everything is not over
there is so much still left in this life…

–Kaushal Kishore


    1. Thank you, Joanna for your kind words and support. Of late, your laptop has started playing truant, I presume.


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