बोध / Perception

हमें गुलाब में कांटे दिख जाते हैं
चांद में धब्बे
कोयल का कालापन
और सागर के पानी में खारापन
लेकिन हमें वह नहीं दिखता,
जो दूसरे देख लेते हैं हममें…


We see the thorns in the rose,
the spots in the moon,
the blackness of the cuckoo
and the salinity in the sea water,
but we fail to see
what others see in us…

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pinterest



  1. I think, Kaushal, that this depends on our ability to bring the best in others and their ability to do the same for us. They would perceive us as valuable friends, and vice versa.


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