Floodgates of Happiness

Some may call it ego,
some may term it pride
or just a mindset,
but one commonality remains
all breathe the air (pun)
of life and existence
we all sail in our respective boats
size, shape and weight
even decoration may vary
but water that carries them
remains the same
time and nature have made it
possible for all of us to be living…

The thrums of the heartbeats
course through
the whole mass of our existence
speaking through poetic whispers
in our ever-obliging ears,
instead of playing
with tangled tools of mind
let’s listen patiently to the soft notes generated by the strings of heart
and not hold ourselves back
from saying
what our hearts are dying to say…

Let a tear or two fall if needed
that may cleanse and overhaul
the cerebral cortex
to help unlatch the floodgates
of happiness,
the happiness of love and togetherness
with no traces
of any past baggage…

P.S. The World Ego Awareness Day falls today. It was started in 2018 by a non-profit organisation called the Ego Awareness Movement with the intent of helping those who suffer from an advanced case of egoism learn to deal with the world from a more humble perspective.

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest


    1. Yes, Joanna, I know your generosity. Saying sorry to a chair shows your empathy that is really appreciable. Thank you.


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