भाव और लय / Feeling and Rhythm

मैं एक कविता लिख रहा था आज
तलाश रहा था कुछ भावों और चुनिंदा शब्दों को
जो उपयुक्त हो इस कविता को
मधुर, मनोरम और लयात्मक बनाने के लिए…

तभी मेरी नजर पड़ती है उस मजदूर पर
जो आ गया है एक पोटली में
रोटी, प्याज और नमक बांधकर
इस चिलचिलाती दोपहरी में काम करने को
साथ में उसकी बीबी भी है
वह भी मजदूरी करती है उसके साथ
बच्चे इतने बड़े नहीं हैं कि काम कर सकें
खेल रहे हैं दोनों वहीं
ईंट पत्थरों के बीच दौड़ते भागते हुए
कुछ दिनों बाद शायद उनके हाथ भी
उत्पादक हो जाएं दो पैसे ज्यादा कमाने के लिए
ताकि कुछ और या कुछ बेहतर मिल जाए
उनके पेट और परिवार के लिए
और शायद कोई लय मिल जाए
कोई ताल मिल जाए उनके छोटे परिवार को…

मैं सोच में पड़ जाता हूं
क्या समानता है क्या फर्क है
मेरी और उस मजदूर की तलाश में
मैं न शब्द तलाश पाया न लय
पर मिला अवश्य मुझे एक भाव
जो व्यथित कर गया मेरे अंतर्मन को
और मैं खो बैठा प्रासंगिकता
किसी भी शब्द, तुक या लय की…


I was writing a poem today
and was looking for some feelings
and a few select words
appropriate to make the poem
sweet, lyrical and rhythmic…

That’s when I see a labourer
who has come with a packet
of rotis, onion and salt
to work in this scorching afternoon
his wife is also there
she also works with him
children are not old enough to work
both of them are playing
running between bricks and stones,
after a few days
their hands would also become
productive to earn a bit more money
so that something else
something better can be found
for their bellies and family
and their small family may find
some rhythm in their lives…

I wonder and ponder
what is the similarity and difference
between me and that labourer
I could neither find any desired word
nor any rhythm
but I certainly got a feeling
that upset my conscience
and I lost the very relevance
of any word, rhyme or rhythm…

–Kaushal Kishore

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  1. I think Kaushal, that onus of your today’s tale is the word – “conscious”.You, of course, remember your promise to go into politics in order to improve the lives of countless families like the one you have described. What is needed is EDUCATION so their children can have better lives, and they can be helped financially, as they are low-payed workers. India receives foreign aid, and it is the politicians’ duty to allocate the money to needy causes. In case someone asks who will do the menial task if the masses are going to be educated, the answer is robots. They are already “working” in the car factories and in many branches of the industry.


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    1. I agree with you on the point of education, but where employment is the main issue, option of using robots is not desirable. India is no longer dependent on foreign aids. In fact, India is now providing aids to other smaller countries. If our internal resources only are prudently used, most of the problems will be served, for which I agree, a government that delivers, is needed. Thank you, Joanna for such a wonderful comment with deep reflections.


  2. KK, we hope to see all children given opportunities to make a life better than that of their parents. In the US, we also have some people growing up in a cycle of poverty. There are many who have been able to succeed, but not all have the family support and encouragement they need to take advantage of opportunities.

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    1. It’s everywhere, I think, Cheryl. Only degree varies. But I’m of the considered view that if the governments concerned are serious, the problem of disparity can be suitably addressed. Thank you so much for your thoughtful reflections.


    1. You’re right, Lamittan, the issues of hunger, poverty and disparity have not yet been tackled properly. Reasons are many, but it’s also a fact that where concerted efforts have been made, desired results are palpable. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.


    1. I agree with you, Cindy on the point of giving back. It’s desirable in a civilised society like ours. Thank you!


    2. PS. I have just checked in in the last year and a half, India received £ 55,3 million from the UK
      in Foreign Aid. I agree that India does not depend on this amount, but it would help the progress of the education system.
      I appreciate and empathize with your pride in your country as it is my favorite country too!


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      1. Thank you, Joanna for your concern and appreciation. What I have said is that India no longer depends on foreign aid. It regularly receives aids from World Bank and IMF also, but in the last year only, India has also given aid of USD 2.4 billion to its neighbouring countries. In the sixties, India was dependent on USA for foodgrains, but now India is exporting foodgrains to several countries. Much water has flown under the bridge. As regards education, literacy rate was just 12% in 1947, when Britishers left India. It has gone up to 73% now and by 2030, India has set a target of 100% literacy.


  3. I am more than happy to know this, Dear Kaushal, as I like to know all the details, especially about India. Your wonderful country is going to prosper even more in the next few years!


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  4. Our Lord was/is the most compassionate person of all men and He said we’d have the poor with us always. Jesus was not callous when He spoke these words, but was letting us know that this is a condition that will always be as long as man rules without God. It can not be any different until man’s nature is changed. Education and laws can only temporarily restrain the nature we’ve been born with. The hope that we can give to the poor… to all men is FAITH in Christ Jesus by which they can know that God is their provider, and so much more. Oh that people everywhere will know that God’s children who obey Him have their lives changed and will never go begging bread.
    Dear Kaushal, your taking a position in government is not the highest calling. The Bible states that a man who rules His own spirit is greater than one who rules a city. All the governments of this world are going to be crushed by the stone cut out of the mountain (the rule of the kingdom of God) and THEN there will be no more poor, sick, and abused people when He reigns. I pray that you will become such a one to do the works that Jesus did who healed the sick, cast out demons and did good wherever He went…. I believe you are well on your way, my brother, for you are a man of love and compassion. I thank God for you and bless you with all my heart.


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