We All Need Others

As a child, once I got irritated due to skylights in my room and started covering them. My mom asked me the reason. I told her that dust and dirt made me uncomfortable. Then she explained why skylights are provided in rooms.

The air in the room gets heated up due to respiration etc and leaves through those skylights, while natural light and fresh cool air come in without compromising one’s privacy. But my question was, “Why two in one room? One could have sufficed this need.”

Her answer was interesting one. And I still remember it vividly, “A lonely skylight becomes sad and silent. It also needs company.” In the same vein, she went on to tell me why we used double doors in rooms.

These are the things that have long been forgotten. Skylights may be non-living objects, but in old days, we used to respect even doors and stones were revered as respectable objects. When I think in retrospect, I find some logic behind in case of all living objects.

When a plant is kept alone in isolation in a room, it starts wilting after a few days, but if the same plant is kept in the company of some other plant(s), it starts flourishing. They too need company in addition to air, water and manure. Similarly if a single fish is kept in a glass jar, it will not live longer.

So is the case with human beings. We come across cases, where a husband or wife dies within days of demise of his or her spouse. But I have also seen numerous such persons, who found company of friends, plants and trees, pets and animals, or a social or charitable institution. They thus got their ikigai, the purpose of life.

My mother was one of them. She lived for more than forty years after my father’s demise. We all siblings were small and school going. I was just 12 then. She had to see all of us stand on our own feet. I had seen her hardships during those days, but she never cried or complained.

She always found some company. First we were there. When we grew up, she developed a fascination for garden, where she used to grow all sorts of vegetables of daily use, like tomato, green chilly, pumpkin, brinjal, lady’s finger, gourds etc. as also flowers like jasmine, madhumalti, hibiscus, rose, marigold etc

So be it a plant or an animal, or a human being, they all need company. If somebody is seen alone, keep him company and stop him from wilting by understanding him and empathising with him. And if you yourself feel alone, seek someone to keep you company.

Some walks we have to take alone. It’s also okay to remain in the loneliness of within for sometime for self introspection or self exploration, but not as a routine.

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. Once again, Kaushal, I have to agree with your wise mother; I say sorry to the chair if I bump into it accidentally. Today’s thought, Kaushal, that we need others is apt, especially in view of the whole world uniting in helping Ukraine, and is poignantly illustrated on the wall of the Indian Parlament in New Delhi with the words: “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” – the world is one family. As it is ancient wisdom speaking we can believe it to be true, and this is why we and all the creatures and plants need others to lead a good life.
    Thank you, Kaushal, for this timely reminder!


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    1. Saying sorry to chair is something that I had heard, but you have translated it into action. This act of yours is really admirable. Thank you, Joanna for sharing it. I’m glad that you reminded of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, that’s in our psyche. The concept itself is so good and soothing. As regards Ukraine, a British media report citing a Kremlin insider has claimed that Putin may relinquish control of the war for a few days, as he has to undergo cancer treatment. In the meantime, our PM Modi is trying in his own way to find a solution. Thank you again.


    1. I appreciate you for taking your time to be here and leaving such a wonderful comment. It really made me happy. Thank you, Deb for sharing your reflections!

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  2. Beautifully written and wise, KK. ❤ ❤ ❤ Your mother reminds me of my grandmother and how she carried on for many years after my grandfather's death! She too was a very accomplished gardener, and every summer she spread joy by giving strawberries away to all her neighbors and friends.

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    1. I’m very happy to know about your grandmother. We really need such persons today. My mother was not highly literate, but she herself taught us till middle classes. Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with institutional education.

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    1. I was reminded of this observation, when I came to know about wilting of a lonely plant. These are unique things that get imprinted in my mind. Thank you, Karima for your lovely comment 😊💖💐🌹

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  3. So true Kaushal. Thank you so much for the extra food for thought concerning inanimate objects. It caused me to remember that in the Bible (1 Kings 13: 2) a man of God cried out against an altar actually speaking to it. I knew someone who spoke to a broken washing machine and it worked after she commanded it to be repaired. Also another who spoke a miracle to an empty gas tank in her car. In the natural it was impossible to reach her destination which was far away, but she did in the name of Jesus. Your excellent writing has given me a renewed mind to look with faith and a deeper appreciation for natural objects.
    I say yes and amen to your words concerning our need for others in our lives, but feel to bring out that we are never alone. The Spirit of God is in us and sadly far to few realize that we can have daily communication with God Himself…. that we also can have visitations and words from the spirits of just men made perfect like Enoch, Elijah and others less known. Yes, we need fellowship with those here on earth, but for some like people isolated in prison, it’s not possible, but it’s always possible for us to talk with God and know Him intimately. There’s nothing better!!
    May God continue to bless you Kaushal and your writings that bring life to us. I love your simplicity combined with wisdom and transparency.

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    1. Thank you so much, Michele for such a lovely and thoughtful response. Talking to washing machine, gas tank or chair or table is really appreciable, as we see God in every animate and inanimate objects. You’re right, God is everywhere to protect or take care of us. Thank you for your love and blessings and words of appreciation. God always bless you 💖🥀

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