Before I Say Goodbye to Today

Today is running fast enough
before I say goodbye to it
let me slow down
and feel the fragrance
that brought us closer, together,
let me reminisce about the past
recollect those hilarious moments 
spent with you
with a different experience
enjoying some tunes or songs
of common liking or
sitting mindlessly at the seashore
that used to awaken
an unknown corner of my heart…

Today is running fast enough
before I say goodbye to it
let me enjoy the bliss of solitude
away from Putin or Biden
and the routine hullabaloos
for narrating to myself
those pretty experiences
seasoned with sweet-and-sour salt
of the life learnings
as a bedtime fairy tale
that will put me to slumber
to sink deeper and deeper
into the realm of dreams…

Today is running fast enough
before I say goodbye to it
let me relish those dreams
in anticipation of
getting my love

–Kaushal Kishore



  1. The days are running fast I missed a whole week yet I was present in the day. It’s freaking weird I say. 😬😩🥺🧐🤷🏽 I be trying to bask in the day to savor the seconds somewhere something went wrong this month like I got Alzheimer’s or something let me knock on some wood 🪵 real quick because I don’t need that I have enough I deal with 🙄😩🥺😭But Yes sir.Days go too darn fast 🏎💨🏎💨🏎💨

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    1. So sorry to know about you. I feel worried about you, my friend. Yes, time waits for none. We have to adjust in accordance with time. Please take care. My good wishes are with you.💐💐🌹🌻

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      1. Thank you KK I just need to be more mindful and aware of my time maybe even more productive some days it’s just hard to be in the present of the day. I deal with so much I clock out maybe that’s why I’m missing a week if my life thank you for caring KK your such a nice person/ friend. I be the one to say Capture the Day, Bask in it, Rub it in like Lotion I need to rub it in like shea butter baby oil Vaseline and ointment and and healing balms friend🙄🤣😂 I’m laughing to keep from crying friend but it’s true imma crank out some content these last couple days of April while I’m mindful that’s my master plan KK. Your such a prolific writer I need your secret 🤩 as long as I’ve been writing taking it seriously since 2005 I should have a routine by now I don’t some of the greats say they still feel like a newbie I think that’s the trick and process in loving Craft coming in with a new perspective every time
        Welp KK you have a beautiful afternoon and evening my dear friend I’m excited for what your gonna share next🤩💗💗💗
        Thank you for caring KK

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      2. Thank you for your generous words for me. I feel humbled and honoured. I have no secret to share. I myself don’t know what I’m going to share in the morning. Whatever thought comes to mind instantly, I start writing. I’m however more concerned about your health. Please take rest and care as of now, everything else will come later. God bless you, my friend 💖💐🌻

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  2. We all know, Kaushal, that time drags on when one is very young and we wish we could be grown up overnight, and when we are much older it speeds up while we wish to stay here longer.
    A lovely poem, that makes us think about the passing of life and the need to do today what we have been planning for tomorrow. Thank you.


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    1. You have beautifully explained the natural human instinct. We always need a bit more or a bit less, not satisfied with what we have. Thank you so much, Joanna for sharing such a lovely thought.

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  3. Bless You I’ll be ok I do what I can each day to keep me going. I’ve been grieving heavily this year my mom been in Heaven awhile now and it’s been hard on my heart and soul. It’s probably why I’m missing days weeks and possibly months. But when I’m on my platforms and I’m writing all is well all of the members /followers make my heart warm thank you KK today is actually a grand day have a wonderful day friend💗

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    1. That’s the spirit. I liked it. Loss of mom is certainly heavy and I have also felt it. Wish you better days ahead and happy writing 😊💐💖

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      1. Kk this is bothering me I don’t want you or anyone thinking I have Alzheimer’s I don’t have that I have many things but not that 😭🙄. So don’t worry about that and today is a grand day. Bless you keep writing. Oh have you tried other platforms to share your beautiful poems I keep hearing TikTok is better than cheese singles. 🤣😂🤩😋 their community is called BookTok I think don’t quote check it out dear friend I’ll have Weekend Writers Workshop ready tomorrow with some dopeness attached to it. 🤩💗💗💗 so throw back prompts but they will be super hot. 🤩 have a great night

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