बेड़ियां / Shackles

अहंकार ने अपनी बेड़ियों में
इस कदर हमें जकड़ रखा है
कि हमारे अंदर का बच्चा
जब बाहर निकलना चाहता है
खेलने और घुलने मिलने के लिए,
तो अहंकार उसे डांटकर
खामोश कर देता है…


The ego has held us
in its shackles so much
that when the child inside us
wants to come out
to play and mingle,
the ego scolds
and silences him…

–Kaushal Kishore

image: pinterest



  1. I have a fridge magnet that says:” You are never too old to have a happy childhood” . I have always felt that meant that I must keep that child within me alive and well and able to come out into my current world.

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  2. This is lovely. I didn’t find the child in me till I met my husband. I had never even enjoyed food. He is younger than me. Although I think he just knew how to have fun. I learned to love being silly, laughing till I cried and dancing in restaurants where there was no dancing. Thanks for this it is beautiful. Blessings my friend. ❤️

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    1. I’m overwhelmed with your amazing response, Joni, and I’m truly happy for you and your husband for such a lovely and lively life. That should be the spirit of life. That’s the real life. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful reflections. All the best for you and your family 💐🌹💖

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