अलग / Different

भूख मिट जाती है खाना खा लेने से
प्यास बुझ जाती है पानी पी लेने से
यादों की बात किंतु कुछ अलग है
जो बढ़ती है और याद करने से…


Hunger is satiated by eating food
thirst is quenched by drinking water
but memories are somewhat different
that grow further by remembering them…

Kaushal Kishore



  1. It is an ancient belief, Kaushal, that memories can immortalize everything and everyone we remember. That is why I wrote before that writing about your beloved mother, Kaushal, you have immortalized her.


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    1. Well said, Aahna. Nothing is lost as long as we remember it. It remains with us forever as a treasure. Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflections!

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