People Ask Me Why

When I remain calm,
people ask me why
When I raise my voice,
people ask me why
When I sing and dance,
people ask me why
When I laugh out loud,
people ask me why
When I’m sad and cry,
people ask me why
When I don’t complain,
people ask me why
I know their natural curiosity
leads them to ask more
and to give unsolicited advices
But I don’t know the reason
every time for what I do
Even if I know,
I don’t want to share,
I’m not dumb or insane
I’m a full-fledged person
I know my own responsibilities
But I need my freedom to do
whatever comes to my mind
without giving reason therefor,
I wish to live as I am,
with unrestrained love for me
to live peacefully, for sometime
in my own personal space,
for myself...

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. As you know, Kaushal, I am a fountain of quotes, and here is one apt for today:
    ” I am going to live the way I want to live. I am not here to fulfill anybody’s expectations.”
    Thank you for the thought-provoking poem!


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    1. Oh, Osho, my friend. He has so many quotable quotes. Thank you, Joanna for reminding me and putting this important quote in an appropriate place. Much appreciated!


    1. You’re right, Shruti. People may also ask with good intentions, but that moment of solitude is disturbed, while one may like to go for introspection. Thank you 😊

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