लौट के परफेक्ट घर को आए / Mr Perfect Returns To Imperfection

कोई भी काम वह पक्का और परफेक्ट चाहता था ।
गलती कोई उसकी न पकड़ ले यही वह सोचता था ।।

कहीं दो पन्ने न पलट जाए उसे खूब मसलता था ।
कई बार इसी उधेड़ बुन में पन्ना ही जा फटता था ।।

फोटो कॉपी में रह न जाए कोई तकनीकी टोटा ।
उसे मूल प्रति से करना मिलान धर्म था उसका होता ।।

ताला ठीक से बंद हुआ या नहीं उसे झकझोर आता था ।
झकझोरते झकझोरते कभी दरवाजा ही निकल जाता था ।।

पूर्णता के चक्कर में आत्मविश्वास उसका घटता गया ।
अपूर्णता का अपना आनंद है शीघ्र समझ में आ गया ।।


Mr Perfect Returns To Imperfection

Any work he did he wanted to make it sure and perfect
Someone will catch his mistake, he used to suspect

Lest two pages should turn simultaneously, he used to chafe
Many times the pages themselves used to get torn in the muddle

Let no technical glitches creep in a photocopy
Matching it with the original used to be his dharma

He would pull and push the door and lock repeatedly after locking
And sometimes he returned from the halfway down for rechecking

In the pursuit of perfection, his self-confidence dwindled
Imperfection has its own joy and good, quickly he realised...

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pinterest



    1. Whenever I write in Hindi, I give English translation, because sometimes Google translation is not accurate. In such a case, I give a bilingual title. Thank you!


  1. The brilliant illustration that you have included at the beginning of your post, Kaushal, is enough
    to put us off from pursuing unobtainable perfection! Better is to accept that we can strive
    to be efficient but never perfect as no one is, not even the universe.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot. I can’t agree more, Joanna! We may try to do our level best, that may not necessarily be perfect. It is said that getting better is where all the fun is, because perfection is boring. In this connection, there is a quote by Freud, “the more perfect a person is on the outside, the more demons he has on the inside.”


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