The Story of A Night

I go to bed in the night
to have a sound sleep
to inhale peace
for my ever working cerebrum,
but the sweet slumber
remains far away
even if it comes, it comes late
and even if it comes late,
it goes every now and then
I feel sleepy, but can’t sleep…

The sweet lullaby
of ceaseless desires and wishes
lead me to a mirage,
and with relationships and money
entangled in the capricious webs,
I move on crossing
unseen roads and bridges
to be at the top of a grand palace
but with every fall and tumble
I get up suddenly and suspiciously
to see and confirm
that I’m safe and secure, and
not in the downstream of a river…

Sleep or not sleep,
my mind continues to overwork
it’s daydreaming or nightdreaming,
I’m not sure,
but I’m sure that
it’s the silent hour of starry night
that’s passing as usual
but with the hope
to see the glow of a new morning

–Kaushal Kishore

images: pixabay


  1. This poem, Kaushal, will keep me awake as I am trying to learn it by heart! It is one of your masterful poems that won’t allow it to be forgotten.
    Thank you for the presentation too.


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    1. That’s really a great pleasure to hear from you. Many many thanks, Joanna! Your thoughtful support and evocative reflections are always encouraging for me. Deeply appreciated!!


  2. A very fine line between disturbed sleep and waking dream. The mind beguiles itself with images that resolve into a demonstration of how worry and regret are equally pointless – mere obsession with what might never be.

    Oh, to achieve detachment. To observe, and smile on reel of passing images of life.

    Then, sleep may be undisturbed, as may the waking hours.

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    1. What a beautiful reflection! Well said, my friend! I appreciate you and your considered views. Thanks a lot for taking your time to read and comment.

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    1. Thank you, Cheryl. It’s a delight to hear from you. What you say happens with many people including me. The line between dreaming and daydreaming is obliterated. 💖💐

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