A Lesson for Mankind

This morning, I saw the above picture, and I decided to share it.

A lioness and her cub had to cross a road for drinking water. It was very hot and the cub was finding it very difficult to walk on its feet. An elephant watched and realised that the cub would not be able to walk on its own. He, therefore, picked up the cub in his trunk and walking along with the lioness took him to the pool of water.

And we call them wild animals.

We take pride in calling ourselves the most intelligent creatures on the earth, but the spirit of cooperation, collaboration and peaceful co-existence is something that we have yet to learn.

This picture is a lesson for mankind, who are fighting and killing each other like wild animals, and that too, without rhyme or reason.

–Kaushal Kishore


  1. Dear Kaushal, I have to tell you right now that what you wrote and illustrated here is beyond words wonderful!! Although, I saw pictures of unbelievable to us friendships like a lioness saving a baby antelope and caring for it without going to find food for herself, your picture simply melted my heart. Every word you wrote should be written in stone!
    Thank you for this unique photo and for the roses.


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    1. It’s a delight to hear such beautiful words from you, Joanna. I had planned something else for today’s morning, but when I came across this picture, I thought to share it first. It was so appealing, and heart touching, particularly in the present war situation. Many thanks for your appreciation that really means a lot!


    1. Oh really! I also came across this pic today only. I think such a pic or story should be shared more and more to spread the meaningful message. Thank you!

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  2. The wild animals live in harmony following the unwritten laws of the jungles. It is only man who calls himself the most intelligent creature yet is cruel and ruthless. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming story Kaushal. Hope we learn something from this.

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    1. You’re right, Radhika, we have written laws, but to no avail. We continue to behave like animals, who incidentally behave more sensibly. Thank you for reading and sharing your beautiful reflections!


    1. So true, Karima! There are so many things around us that may inspire us to lead a better life, but as you said, openness is the first requirement. Many thanks, delighted to have your thoughtful comment 💖💐🙏

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    1. Not only Ukraine ear, but all wars could be avoided if we have empathy, but alas, that’s conspicuous by its absence. Thank you for reading and commenting.


    1. Yes, Cheryl, there are certain things that we should learn from animals. Thank you for your appreciation. I’m glad you liked the post 😊💖

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  3. A beautiful example of love in the jungle and destruction of human nature. Gorgeous flowers. Sadly, ego icy minds have proven the bigger side of man’s potential destroyed! Beautiful post Kk!💕🌺🙏♥️

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    1. Humans have become enemies of humans. Inflated egos have made them worse than animals. Thank you, Cindy for sharing your beautiful reflections 😊💐💖🙏


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