किताबें / Books

किताबें खरीदना आसान है,
पढ़ना मुश्किल…
पैसा सस्ता है,
किंतु समय और इच्छा नहीं…

📖 📖 📚 📖 📖

Books are easy to buy,
hard to read…
money is cheap,
but not time and will…

–Kaushal Kishore



    1. What a lovely comment, Cindy! Incidentally this picture was taken by me in a book fair, where books were arranged in different shapes, e.g. house, chair, bed. 😊💖

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  1. p.s. I am currently working to clear out my parents’ former house, which is filled with books that I can’t even seem to donate anywhere — all the secondhand bookshops are full. And even recycling won’t take them (due to bindings or something). We can’t store them in our smaller house, so it was even suggested to me that we burn them (!!) (rather than pay to take them to the dump, if it comes to that) (!!). But seeing your photo, and comment with Cindy above (Wow so cool that it’s your own photo, and the art install is amazing) made me realize… we could just make another house out of them. ;)) Awesome succinct poem <33 🙏💐

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    1. So glad that you got an idea out of the photo. There is a library here that remains open 24 hours without a guard, where anybody can deposit his or her books in whatever condition or pick any book from there to take home. It’s free for all.


      1. That is really wonderful… the systems here are shockingly bad. Over-consumption is rampant and the landfills grow over-full. It’s sad. I have been leaving them outside the library in boxes under cover, they seem to get taken away so hopefully someone is benefitting. But the art installation is really interesting! I was just joking around a bit in my comment, in a good mood. Too much maybe. If so, apologies. :))

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  2. A house built of books sounds wonderful, and very much like mine, the 10,000 books I have and growing, means that the books are lining every wall of the house, beautifully arranged.
    Sir David Attenborough has over 40,000 thousand, so I have a long way to go. The pleasure to open a new book and the scent of the pages is an incomparable and great joy.


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    1. Wow! Your collection is really impressive. Thank you, Joanna for sharing this. And the scent of pages of a book! My God, I too like it. In fact I prefer to smell the pages before reading a book, and I can tell you with smell whether it’s a new book or old one.


      1. It is often a new one, hardback, published by Folio, but you are right, the old books smell wonderfully too because they can smell of time, history, and where they have lived.


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